About us

Maxhealth Medical Group China (herein after called Maxhealth) (NEEQ: 836163) is a leading platform for R&D (research and development), production and commercialization of medical technology in China. Based on the unsatisfied real clinical needs, Maxhealth integrates the cutting-edge clinical science, continuously promotes technological progress, improves diagnosis and treatment, and helps patients through transnational innovative R&D.
We have cooperated with a number of global medical innovation institutions and top 500 pharmaceutical companies in R&D, production, market access, academy and product marketing in the Chinese market, and successfully established a link between Chinese and foreign medical technology R&D.
Maxhealth was founded in Wuxi in 2009, with. It has subsidiaries andor offices in Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, London, Tokyo, Auckland and other places. The product portfolio will continue to expand with a focus on the areas of Gastroenterology, Neuro-rehabilitation and Women Health.The company pays special attention to digestion, women's health, nerve rehabilitation and other fields.


hello future

This is a decade of harvest, maxhealth pharmaceutical is constantly advancing on the road of exploration and innovation,Along the ...
Multidisciplinary International Forum on Extracorporeal Diagnosis of Gastroesophageal Reflux and the launch meeting of peptest

On September 6, 2019, the launch of the Multidisciplinary International Forum in the Field of Gastroesophageal Reflux External Dia...
PEPTEST Pepsin Obtained Registration Certificate for Imported Medical Devices

September 2, 2019 is a memorable day. After years of unremitting efforts by professionals from Maian Medicine, Maybe Medical and o...
Li Ping, deputy director of Liangxi District, Wuxi City, and his delegation came to the company for inspection and guidance

       On June 5, 2019, Li Ping, deputy director of Liangxi District of Wuxi City, came to the ...


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